The joys of summer: cucumber salad

We always had a garden growing up. I tried 3 years in a row to grow a garden in the small yard at my townhouse, but it always got too wet from the automatic sprinklers.
My Hot Italian (aka, the hubby) started his very first garden this year. And without any prompting he planted my very favorite home-grown veggie...cucumbers.
Usually he eats the fruits of his labors while he's out watering, but this weekend he's out of town so I got a few into the kitchen and made a cucumber salad.

We ate cucumber salad several times a week growing up. This is a very simple salad, but the ingredients are very important.
There are a few secrets to the perfect cucumber salad that I will share with you. Normally a generic product will get you the same thing as the brand name, but my mom swears by Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix. Mom knows best right? Make it just like the directions, but you must use Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar. Either the Original or the Garlic works well. What I had on hand was the Original.
Drizzle the dressing on the cucumbers and voila! Delicious. Mom likes the salad after it's been marinating in the fridge for a while, but I love it best fresh.

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