My Housekeeping "Secrets"

The other day I got a knock on the door from a door-to-door salesman selling one of those "miracle" cleaning products. I shooed him away before he got into his real pitch, but a few days later another man selling the same product tracked down the Hot Italian while he was working on the car in the driveway. The 24 oz. bottle of "super concentrated" miracle cleaner was about $100. Can you believe it? I was flabbergasted.

My miracle cleaning product is vinegar. I use a mixture of half vinegar, half water and a squirt of dish soap for most of my cleaning needs. Vinegar is naturally anti-microbial and doesn't leave any nasties like some commercial products. It's great for soap scum and hard water too. It doesn't leave streaks on my stainless steel appliances. It's also super cheap.

I usually pour a little vinegar in each load of laundry. It helps to keep colors from fading or bleeding. It also helps to keep everything fresh-smelling and wonderful. Vinegar is wonderful.
I ditched my Swiffer years ago. Those disposable pads just didn't do it for me. When I moved into the Hot Italian's house with several hundred square feet of hardwood I got a Sh-mop and some Bona hardwood floor cleaner.

My other secret to a clean house is the visit I get from Heidi every 6 weeks. I decided to call a housekeeper one time when I was super busy and stressed and overwhelmed. Two people came for about 2.5 hours and cleaned my condo from top to bottom. It was wonderful. Then before the Hot Italian and I got married I had them clean his house. That was absolutely fantastic!

We decided to have the house cleaned every 6 weeks just to "keep up." It costs $65 every 6 weeks and is totally worth it. We're not messy by any means, but it is nice to have a professional come in and get to the things that we don't always do regularly. It lifts my spirits to have a sparkly clean house. Heidi can do more in two hours than I can do in a weekend, so I call it money well spent.

I had reservations about hiring a housekeeper. I should be able to keep my house clean myself. People who have housekeepers must be lazy or indulgent right? I've come to terms with the fact that I can't do everything all the time. For the same reasons that I buy canned food and and ready-to-wear clothing I hire someone to come and tidy up my house from time to time.

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