Strawberry Goodness

Our produce coop had a killer deal on strawberries this week. I got 8lbs. And just in time I got around to making a batch of strawberry freezer jam. I need to have homemade jam in my house. It is just so much better than the yucky artificial stuff you get at the store.

I tend to be somewhat of a dump cook. I throw a bunch of stuff together and it turns out pretty good...most of the time. I read through several freezer jam recipes and then threw something together.

Most jam recipes call for A LOT of sugar. The lowest sugar I could find was 1 cup for each cup of strawberries.

Here is my batch.

8lbs strawberries, mashed with a potato masher (nice and chunky)
2 cups sugar (yes, only 2 cups)
3/4 cup (or so) instant clear gel
2 packets Strawberry drink mix (like Koolaid, I used generic)
I tried it. It's good. Trust me.