30 days to a flatter belly

Do all you folks spend way too much time on Pinterest? I know that I do.

I get really tired of all the weight loss stuff. Mostly what bugs me is that so many posts imply that you can look like a fitness model with 15 minutes a day of exercise. Or that you can't love your body until it looks a certain way.

I believe that healthy eating and regular physical activity are important. I also believe that people comes in all shapes and sizes and that accepting that is key to a balanced life.

Last month I decided to give up sugar for 30 days and see what happened. I was hoping that it would help clear up my persistent adult acne and maybe produce other good health outcomes.

Nothing particularly dramatic happened. I lost about 3 pounds and I noticed that my stomach was noticeably flatter. More than 3 pounds flatter. It wasn't "miracle" whatever drug, diet, or exercise flatter, but it was noticeable.

And now I am back to eating sugar again, but less than before. Since then I've lost about 5 more pounds just by eating less sugary stuff. I definitely notice that really sweet sugary treats do not appeal to me so much. Try it. Don't just try to eat less sugar, try just giving it up for a predetermined amount of time and see what it does for you.