A sewing marathon, catching up

Ever since the weather warmed up I've been sewing. A lot.

My craft room doesn't have any heating right now. That will be remedied when the remodel is complete, but for now I spend time down there only when the temperature is fairly comfortable.

I need to be better about posting photos of myself in my me-made clothing, but I haven't gotten to it yet. For now I'm just catching up on the backlog of what I've made.

My most recent article was a basic skirt. I used McCall's 6757 and made it in a tan twill with narrow white stripes.

What appealed most to me about this pattern was the welt pockets. I just made my first welt pockets this summer with the help of Sunni. How lucky am I that she teaches sewing classes at a local fabric shop.
According to my measurements I was a size 14 in the waist (28") and size 16 in the hips (40"). So I tapered the pattern from the waist to the fullest part of the hips accordingly.

When I got the side seams stitched together it was quite obvious that I did not need to taper the pattern at all. The hips were huge! But it's always better to have too much fabric than not enough. So I took the sides in and made it a straight size 14.

The only other problem with the pattern was attaching the pocket facings to the welt. They had you match up the side seams for the pocket facing rather than matching up the stitching lines and sewing it with the pocket backwards from what it should be after it's turned. I ended up cutting a whole new front piece because I had plenty of fabric and I didn't want to try and re-sew a welt pocket. Yuck! I should have taken photos to show how it's supposed to go because my explanation doesn't make any sense.

I made the skirt 1.25" longer and it hits me at the middle of my knee cap. I also added a polyester cling-free lining because the cotton was pretty cling-y. I wore the skirt yesterday to church. It's a great basic. I find that I don't make enough basic wardrobe builders.