Sewaholic Alma vs Colette Laurel

I have broken out of my habit for not paying more than $2 for a sewing pattern. Some of these indie patterns have just what I need - basic wardrobe builders with plenty of options for customization.

The two patterns I've used most recently are somewhat similar.

Colette Laurel
And Sewaholic Alma view B sans collar
The Alma blouse has a little more of a fitted shape, but the sleeve length and fit is similar. I managed to make the Alma blouse without a zipper and it looks great.

I've found that the shoulder slope on both (Laurel and Sorbetto) of the Colette patterns that I've tried is much too steep. My first Sorbetto top had such a gaping neckline. I tried a bunch of alterations to fix the gaping neck from curving the back "seam" to tucks in the back neckline before I read a recommendation that the shoulder slope may be the spot to focus on. Since then I've made 3 or 4 Sorbetto tops. What a great "instant gratification" project. I may make another this week!

The other thing I've discovered about the Colette patterns that I've tried is that the bust dart is too close to the bust point. Peggy Sagers recommends that the point of the dart be at least 1" outside the bust point and I agree. No one wants attention drawn to that particular feature. So I shorten the dart by 1" without changing anything else and it goes together great.