The end of a long absence

I've been busy.


Home Improvement.



Everyone is curious how our basement is coming along. We've been talking about it forever, but the demolition has finally begun.

These are the "before" shots. The green room will be our bedroom. It's a fairly big room. I'm excited to have room for a real nightstand next to our new king bed. Our room upstairs barely has room for a queen bed and a stack of cubes next to my bed.
 Where the mirrored closet is right now will be the entrance to the master bathroom.
  This will be the nursery (eventually, no announcement yet). The pink carpet is nowhere to be seen.
 This is the ghetto-fabulous bathroom. Carpet in the bathroom is not part of the remodel plan :)
 Now onto the demo. The ghetto-fabulous bathroom is gone. The wood paneling is gone. I sense we are onto bigger and better things.
Here's the future nursery. Cinderblock on the outside walls. It sure will be nice to have all the walls insulated.
Right now we're in a holding pattern. Our contractor is taking a few weeks to do another job and then he'll be back. We're hoping to be moved downstairs by Thanksgiving.