My Thoughts on the Colette Macaron

I started my Colette Macaron last weekend.

The pattern photo is one of my least favorite versions.
It looks like a strapless dress with a t-shirt underneath it.
Unfortunately, in Utah some people think that it is appropriate to wear a t-shirt under a strapless dress so maybe this hit a little too close to home for me.
But then I saw so many super cute versions, like this one.
What a gorgeous use of plaid fabric.

What I've found to be the biggest issue with this pattern is the excess fabric in the middle back area. This problem seems to be common for many. I made the alteration by taking 3/8" off the center back like so...
This took care of most of the issue, but with my final garment I ended up also letting out the back darts by 1/4" to even out the ease from the upper back to the waist.

Is it improper etiquette to point out others fitting issues in your blog posts? I'm not really sure, so I guess I'll abstain from pointing out that I'm not the only one that came across this issue.

The other thing I'm not so in love with is how the pockets look on the finished garment.
I did not put pockets in my fitting muslin, so I did not notice how the little "tuck" below the pocket looks on my body. It breaks up the pleat and adds attention to the hip area that I'd rather not have. But since the pocket is in and the fabric is cut I am going to try decreasing the seam allowance from 5/8" to 1/4" and see if that helps to smooth things out a little bit.

I don't have much energy for sewing this week as I've just started a big project at work, but hopefully next week I'll have some finished photos to show.

On a side note, we have made some progress on the basement. Pretty soon my sewing space will be hooked into the HVAC system.