A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I am still working on fitting my pants. The pattern is Burda 7447. I think the pattern itself is great. I just have a problem with the crotch being a little on the baggy size on basically every pant I make. I fiddled around with it for quite a while. I started by just scooping out some of the front crotch curve, but then I got to the point where I couldn't get the fit close enough with this method.

So I went back to the method I used on my jeans and pinched out a small dart (or "wedge adjustment"). I recut the pants front with this alteration and tried again.

I didn't really have my "aha" moment until I pulled out my camera and took these photos. Nothing is pulling tightly in these pants, but there is some pulling under the crotch. I wore them the evening I took these photos. They weren't uncomfortable at all, but they just didn't feel "right."

I feel like these pants are a failure, but the experience is not a complete failure. What I learned is that when I am having fitting issues I need to take some photos and step back and look at them before I start frantically trying different methods.

I keep forgetting that I am in fact a pear shape (thanks Tasia for sharing this with me). I may need to look further into this with regard to my pants fitting quest.

And also, this is the Hot Italian's favorite shirt but I don't think it looks so awesome in these shots. I'm wondering if he likes it because I usually wear it with skinny jeans. This fit-by-photo expedition may give me greater insight into my wardrobe as a whole. I'm looking forward to the experience and hope you'll offer your own insights along the way.

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