Finally getting around to reviewing my maternity wardrobe

I am very excited that we will be soon welcoming the little guy into our family. I have been spending a lot of time at the sewing machine making maternity clothes and a few things for the baby.

Making maternity clothes has been pretty frustrating, but no more frustrating than shopping for nice maternity clothes that don't cost a fortune.

These pants (Burda 7165) were one of the first things that I made. I'm only now starting to wear them because they were too big for so long. But now, at almost 32 weeks, I've got the belly to fill out the maternity band.

One thing that is better about ready made maternity pants is the belly bands. They are so stretchy and have great stretch recovery. They fit over the belly and hold everything up without being too constraining.  I have yet to find a good knit to duplicate them, but these pants are the closest thing to a good pant with a maternity band. Before I started wearing these I was wearing a pair of black pants that I made maternity friendly simply by substituting the waistband with a 3" elastic cased in black knit ribbing. They worked great until about 30 weeks when I started feeling like they were falling down all the time and just getting overall uncomfortable. I will probably be able to wear them again after the baby when I'm still trying to fit into my pre-baby clothes.

The fabric for the pants is a black denim with a little bit of stretch from Mood. I really like the fabric a lot. It's much better than any stretch pant weight fabric that I've tried from Joann's.

The top pattern I used is Burda 6956. This is a great pattern for a knit maternity top. I've also made a dress with this pattern that I really like. The fabric is a rayon knit from Joann's. I raised the v-neckline by about 1" for a little extra modesty and it is just high enough. I also didn't really like the way they finished the front neckline and ended up creating a full front facing rather than turning the edge under and just facing the point of the v.

I am hoping that I can get motivated to post some more photos of my maternity wardrobe, but just looking at the photo here is making me a little self-conscious. I am not one of the lucky women who feels beautiful pregnant.

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