The Camera Adds 10 lbs, The Baby Added 20

A fourth trimester wardrobe is definitely a thing and I'm thinking more and more about it as I ponder what I'll be wearing when I go back to work in a few weeks.

This is what I'm wearing today, a knit top I made either pre-pregnancy or very early in my pregnancy and my black twill maternity pants.

The top is Simplicity 1463 made with a fairly thin cotton/poly knit from Nuttall's. If I make this again I will make it an inch longer. I did make another version of this top in a polyester slinky knit and I didn't like the way it hung, so I'll stick to something with a more cottony feel to it if I make it again. I think that this top was intended to have a looser fit, but I'm still working on my baby weight and I think it's alright for now.

The pants are a modification of the Sewaholic Thurlow Trouser. I used a pant pattern with a slim leg to modify the legs, omitted the fly, and used a 3 inch elastic encased in cotton rib knit for the waistband. This elastic is about $4.00 a yard at my local fabric store, but I got 12 yards of it for $12.50 from Wawak. I didn't lower the front rise at all like some maternity patterns do and they worked great until about 6 or 7 months into the pregnancy. As you can see, they also work postpartum and really could be a great comfy option for any time at all (Thanksgiving dinner anyone?).

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