A forties style shirt dress: Butterick 5846

This is an old make I just decided to photograph this morning and blog. I think I made it about 2 years ago. I had the pattern in my stash and googled it before I decided to make it up. I was inspired by the piping in this version. Cute huh?

The fabric is some mystery blend I got when I was on a business trip in Vancouver, BC. It was not expensive and it's not really a great piece of fabric. I got the dress out after being stored away during my pregnancy and post-baby phase and it was a pain to iron. I did have the forethought to snap these photos before church this morning so it wasn't nearly so wrinkly.

I used a packaged piping from my local JoAnn. That stuff isn't really that great to work with. I would definitely make my own piping next time.

I made a few adjustments for a forward shoulder on the yoke pieces. I was really happy with the fit of this in the shoulders. I also let out the waist tucks about 1/8" on each and widened the skirt to accomodate. I'm about a size 12 in the bust and shoulders, 14 in the waist and 16 in the hips for most commercial patterns.

Has blogging photos of yourself ever made you reflect on your styling or fitting choices? Looking at these photos I would do two things differently - take in the waist a smidge and add a belt. I did put some extra thought into my shoes and happened upon these neglected sandals. Even though the shoes are more of a mint color and the piping and buttons are turquoise I think it works.

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