Learn to Sew - assembling your sewing kit

A few things I think are sewing essentials for every sewing kit and some tips for saving money building your kit.

Sewing essentials
Shopping for supplies
I do not recommend that you buy a prepackaged kit. All of the stuff in those kits is cheap and not worth the $14.99 you'll pay for the kit.
If you shop at a chain craft store like JoAnn, Hancock, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels my #1 recommendation is never pay sticker price for anything. These stores always have items on sale and coupons to cover your full price items. In general, I never pay full price for anything that costs more than $5.00 at a chain store.
The JoAnn's in my area has very generous coupon policies. I use the print coupons, iPhone coupons, and competitor coupons all in the same transaction. Sometimes I will have 4-6 40% off coupons and they don't even bat an eye. The Hancock in my area will only allow me to use one store coupon and one competitor coupon, so I just keep this in mind while I do my shopping.
Disclaimer: the links on this page are for illustrative purposes only. I have not personally used each item. This post is not an endorsement of any brand or store.

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