2014 Wardrobe Challenge...and rambling

Sewing things that actually get worn in my everyday life seems to be a goal on a lot of sewist's minds these days.

My resolution for sewing this year is to sew items that will be useful to my wardrobe.

I just finished making a dress. It's cute and fairly casual, but I will never wear it to work because I work in an office/job where I wear pants every day. I took the time to fit in impeccably and finish it with all the cute details, but I will wear it maybe once a month at best. What I really need is some great everyday tops that are dressier than a t-shirt and can be layered with other things.

So my first sewing goal for the year is to make 3 tops that fit this bill. In this post I started making some plans.

I won Liesl + Co's weekend getaway blouse on a Pattern Review Challenge.
I plan to make this with a piece of white silk that I've been procrastinating using because I've never sewn with silk before. 

Then I need to make my Alma blouse and a knit top as previously planned. I've made the Alma before, and I've ordered this Jalie pattern. I've got high hopes for this Jalie pattern. I've been actively searching for a knit top pattern that was more than a t-shirt for a while now. I tried Hot Patterns 1002 and it didn't work for me at all. I don't know why it took me so long to discover the Jalie pattern.

My resolution for blogging this year is to take and post photos of myself in the garments that I've made. I bought a wireless remote for my camera that I need to start playing with. 

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