It's March, How are your Resolutions?

Remember when I quietly announced that I was going to challenge myself to reduce my fabric stash? Well, I almost gave up on this resolution because I got behind on my tracking. But I've addressed that and I'm here to report on my progress.

First off, I did a little spring cleaning and got rid of about 20 yards of fabric. So that should put me ahead for the year, but let's just assume that didn't happen. How has my sewing/buying ratio stacked up so far?

I am ahead for the year, but only because I was so productive in January. What's been going on since then? Well, I went back to work at the end of January so my life is a lot busier than it was before. And naptime has become studying time because I'm preparing to take the PE exam in mid April. I generally like to sew in big chunks of time rather than 30 minutes here and there. I'm probably going to have to change that for this season of my life because my little one needs me more than every 4 or 5 hours.

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